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Travel That Has Shaped Us, Part 1: Traveling with My Hubby

Updated: Mar 20

This piece is part of an ongoing series we did a couple of years ago. In this series, we explore how travel has shaped our lives - who we are and how we see the world.

When we look over our lives, we can see milestones and events that have shaped us along the way. We can observe the ways they’ve shaped our world-views, our sense of culture, our characters, and shaped the way we look at others who are different from us. We are exploring the traveling we've done over the course of our lives so far and how those travels have shaped who we are up to this point. Our hope is that this multi-part series will prompt you to reflect on your own experiences and discern how your life has been impacted by your adventures and journeys.

CRUISING WITH MY HUBBY travel that has shaped us

As we all know, life throws us curveballs. My adult life did not turn out anything like I (Christie) had thought it would, and yet travel has never ceased to be a part of it. I got married to my best friend in my early twenties, and we looked for opportunities to venture out from the US. First, we kept it simple. We went on a couple of very short cruises that went right out from our home port city of Los Angeles. My first cruise was the first time I took my wig off and went bald in public. I figured I was never going to see any of these people again, so what the hell. That was a huge step toward taking the wig off permanently at 30.

Chris and Christie Cruising

Once Chris and I got comfortable with cruising, we expanded to weeklong itineraries - again, first out of our home port and later, out of various ports in Florida. We learned to love cruising. There were so many opportunities for fun and relaxation, good food, and meeting people from all over the world. The experience shaped us as a couple that enjoys travel and wants to branch out into more parts of the world.


In mid-2016, Chris and I had learned about the 2017 full solar eclipse that would be taking place over the US. For an entire year, we carefully planned a vacation during which we would be staying in a friend’s retreat house where they lived directly under the path of the eclipse. We had our flights booked, our place to stay set, and our awesome new eclipse-viewing goggles! I was so excited for this opportunity.

Two days before we were scheduled to leave for our vacation, we received a call that we were urgently needed for event-planning assistance in Indonesia due to some staffing issues with the team on-site. At first, we were crushed at the thought of canceling our vacation, but after a few hours of grieving, we decided to make lemonade out of the lemons.

We flew to Indonesia on EVA Airlines, which allowed for an extended Taipei stopover (their hub) without any additional cost in the round-trip fare. So after a week or so in Indonesia working, we decided to take a 5-day mini-vacation in a city we had never visited before.

Chris and Christie on the Taipei MRT

The experience pushed me to be a more flexible person, and it shaped in me a deep appreciation for whimsical, spur-of-the-moment types of adventures that can be unlike any other trip. Every day and every activity was a new discovery - from the interesting boutique hotel we found in an international neighborhood to going to the top of the famous skyscraper, Taipei 101.

We rode their MRT (mass transit train) all over town, and we experienced a couple of night markets with local foods. We even hired a driver to take us on a drive on the coast so we could see the Yin Yang Sea. The trip was fun, spontaneous, exciting, and refreshing all at once. So while I was sad seeing people back home on Facebook watching the eclipse I had planned for, I am ultimately grateful for the amazing trip I enjoyed.

No matter where we go, travel shapes us in ways we could not predict or imagine. The world is so big and full of limitless opportunities for growth and the expansion of our minds and our hearts. We share these stories to inspire you to reflect on how you've been shaped by your own journeys. And what about tomorrow's adventures? How might your future travels develop you, your family, and your circle of friends into the people you want to be? We'd love to hear from you about how you've been shaped by your travel experiences.


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