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Cheers to the Journey: A Toast to the Adventures of 2023 and Beyond

Updated: Jan 19

In the sun-soaked embrace of 2023, our journey kicked off in the vibrant beaches of Barbados. With the rhythm of the waves as their soundtrack, a group of travelers reveled in the cheer of a beachfront hotel, toasting not just to the turquoise seas but to the camaraderie that echoed through the golden sands. 🌞

A group from the greater Boston area enjoys a meal together in Barbados
A group from the greater Boston area enjoys a meal together in Barbados

Alaska's icy wonders were popular in 2023, with two cruises and a multi-generational land adventure. The majesty of glaciers and untamed wilderness became a backdrop for family bonds, celebrated against the grandeur of the Last Frontier. Accessibility also took center stage with a customized Grand Canyon trip, a testament to our commitment to ensuring every traveler, regardless of ability, savors the wonders of nature.

California's coastal allure welcomed a family trip, creating memories along the iconic and diverse route from Venice Beach to the majestic landscapes of Yosemite, ending in the urban mosaic of San Francisco. The dozens of Caribbean and Mexico cruises we planned in 2023 echoed with laughter, and the highlight on our homefront—a grand family cruise marking our 25th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal and my mother's 70th birthday celebration. 🥂

Throughout the year, Europe did not disappoint. Friends traversed the emerald landscapes of Ireland road-trip style, while Italy became a canvas of romance, witnessed in custom honeymoons in Rome and Florence. A couple of multigenerational family adventures unfolded in Rome, Florence, Naples, and Venice, painting a tapestry of connections and ties to past heritage amid the cobblestone streets and ancient wonders. The beautiful sights of Lisbon & Porto, Portugal, Amsterdam's tulip festival at the peak of the bloom, a milestone anniversary in enchanting Barcelona, and a group's Northern European cruise across five different countries added vibrant strokes to our clients' travel palette.

The year closed out with romance with several honeymoons, including one to the stunning and exotic beaches of Phuket, Thailand where a young couple enjoyed ring-side seats at a Muay Thai fight, ate at unique street markets, and fed elephants at a sanctuary, returning each evening to their private pool villa overlooking the turquoise waters. The world, in all its diversity, became a playground for celebration and connection.

As the sun sets on 2023, we eagerly anticipate the many adventures awaiting us and our beloved clients in 2024. A family expedition to Utah's "Mighty Five" national parks promises landscapes that echo the grandeur of the experiences they hold. The Pacific Northwest beckons with whale-watching adventures and volcano visits, a celebration of the raw beauty of nature.

Alaska, ever enchanting, will host multiple cruises and cruise-tours, seamlessly blending land and sea for a holistic exploration. We will lead a group to the Norwegian fjords, a toast to the dramatic landscapes and shared moments. London and Paris will host family gatherings, while the Christmas markets of Vienna and Budapest along the Danube River offer a festive backdrop to celebrate the joys of the season.

Greece awaits with its ancient allure, inviting a family to discover history's treasures. A small group will savor the charm of the Italian Riviera and all that Cinque Terre and Milan have to offer, while a couple will explore the cultural richness of China and Mongolia. South Korea, with its contrast of youthful K-pop culture and ancient Buddhist monasteries, becomes a stage for an exciting friend-cation.

And we've only just begun the planning of this year that holds so much promise and wonder.

In the dance of exploration, each destination is a note in the symphony of shared experiences. Here's to the journey—where connection and celebration continue to color the chapters of our collective travel story. We toast to the adventures of 2023, and to the countless stories yet to be written in the chapters of 2024. May the toast of travel echo through the years, a celebration of life's journey in every step we take. 🌍🥂 #ToastableTravel #CheersToTheJourney

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