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Christie Costello

Hey, I'm Christie Costello

Founder, Travel Designer & Advisor

Hello, I'm Christie, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to the dynamic duo behind Toastable Travel + Events – my husband, Chris, and me!


We understand the modern struggle of finding time for vacations amid bustling lives. The intricacies of travel planning, coupled with an overload of information and options, can easily become overwhelming. This is where we come in, wielding our passion and expertise to craft remarkable journeys that transform your celebrations and group getaways into unforgettable memories.

My own passion for travel began as a kid. My family moved around a lot, and I had to adapt to new places quickly. That developed my wanderlust. As I got older, I learned more about different cultures. I enjoy being a student of culture and growing my cultural intelligence (CQ). I relish the adventure of going to places very different from my home, meeting the people, and trying the food.

My specialties encompass research, unwavering attention to detail, a client-centric approach, and serving discerning professionals, while Chris specializes in event and meeting planning, technological wizardry, and an impeccable eye for visual design. We've enjoyed working together in our own business since 2004.

Together, we bring our unique skills, experiences, and boundless passion to the world of travel, eager to turn your vacation dreams into enchanting realities. We look forward to embarking on extraordinary journeys with you and crafting memories that will last a lifetime.

A few of the hundreds of Global Travel Brands we partner with
Allianz Travel
Kensington Tours
Delta Vacations
Windstar Cruises
Intrepid Travel
Virgin Voyages
Celebrity Cruises
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts



"We had the MOST wonderful time on our Alaska trip! It was perfect in every way. The excursions you found for us were so delightful. Honestly, things could not have gone better! I can’t wait to share our trip with friends and family. I will be glad to recommend you to everyone! You have set the bar high! We are already talking about next year’s vacation and having you plan another epic trip for us!"

Marilene - Cumming, Georgia

Get to Know

Born in New Jersey, Christie spent her formative years in the California Bay Area and Arlington, Texas, and then called Southern California home for 26 years. However, 2022 brought a new chapter for the Costellos as they embarked on a fresh adventure to Gainesville, Georgia and bought their forever home that could accommodate both them and their mothers.


One of my most cherished travel experiences was at the five-star Shangri La Resort & Spa in Cebu, Philippines, snorkeling in their private marine reserve right from the beach.



My bucket list brims with dreams of a grand adventure exploring the Mediterranean & Adriatic.



When I'm not crafting dream journeys, you'll find me relishing strategy games with friends and family or expressing my creativity through painting.



  • On a more personal note, at the age of 30, I chose to fully embrace my natural self by taking off the wig and proudly living with alopecia universalis (a condition that has left me without hair). Life's too short to worry about appearances.

  • Beyond my current roles, I've also served as an elementary school teacher, a pastor, and an event planner.

  • My rich cultural background is rooted in my Jamaican heritage, as my mother immigrated to the US at the age of 12. That, combined with my Italian half, definitely formed the foodie in me!

Get to Know

Born in Texas, Chris's childhood was a blend of cultures as an army brat, moving from Fort Hood, Texas to Germany, then to Kentucky and back to Texas. With Christie, he's called Southern California home for over 26 years, but in 2022, they set their sights on Gainesville, Georgia, which has been a wonderful change of scenery and change of pace.


One of my fondest travel memories is our 2019 Caribbean cruise where we spent the entire week in the comedy club. That week was filled with unforgettable moments and lots of laughter!



Ireland, a nod to my heritage, holds a special place on my travel wishlist, closely followed by the allure of Rome and its history.



In my downtime, I'm often immersed in books, strategizing during games, or indulging in Lego projects. 


  • While we may not have children, our hearts belong to our beloved pups, Lucy and Lexi, both rescue poodle mixes.

  • We have a love story that began in our teenage years, and as of August 2023, we have been celebrating over twenty-five remarkable years of marriage.

  • I love reading and finished over 100 books last year.

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